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Here's Stradivari's Titian Arching Templates in Pdf file.

This is NOT the direct-scan-worn-out-5-piece-arching from the poster that you can buy out there.


This is THE CURATE CYCLOID Arching that Stradivari used.

And I’ve also added a centre arching into both the Back and the Top set (as it is always a pain in the A to work on the arching on the C bout with only 1 tiny arching.)

So there are 6 horizontal CURATE CYCLOID archings and a good long arch for both the Back and for the Top, instead of 5 worn out archings.


All you have to do is to print them out with A3 size, place plastic protectors on, cut them out and Enjoy!

Stradivari's Titian Arching Templates (Digital)

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