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As a violinist, a conductor and a contemporary composer who coach and teach people about music and ensemble ship, from schools to universities, and to multi-million dollar stages leading choirs and orchestras. I dare to say that I quite know how the LEARNING of this art works.

And when my passion has grown even further from the front stage to the back stage, I found that violin making IS very hard to LEARN! Well, it's not very hard to MAKE after all, as a fragile musician like me with no woodworking experience can do it too; but it is so hard to LEARN how to make it.


As my SiFu Michael Darnton said, "many in the business prefer to work like the Wizard of the OZ, unseen and all powerful." It really took me quite awhile to figure out what's right and what's not. I traveled to Japan, to Shanghai, to America, and finally learn that so much of the violin making is actually direct and non-esoteric.


The learning part was very tough, but it was all worth it for the things I gained along the way.

So I am sharing my findings here with you and hopefully to make the learning part easier. If you’re looking for the truth about what it takes to make a good violin at your own home, then you’re going to love my way of thinking and teaching.

- Corvus Kwok

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