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Do you want to create your own Masterpiece at Home?

Learn the art and technique of violin making in the 16th century Renaissance from the comfort of your own home.

"No matter what other resources you have, you need this one, too." - Well-known Violin Maker Michael Darnton

What is Violin Making Academy?

The VIOLIN MAKING Academy is, well, it is an academy for Violin Making lol.

The VIOLIN MAKING Academy consist a total of 10+ hours of educational content where international Violin Maker Corvus Kwok will take you through every single steps of the making, from tools and workshop preparation to varnish and set up, along with all the basic woodworking skill you'll need for making a violin. So you will be fine even if making a violin is your first woodworking project.

What will I learn?


Tools Usage

Learn the basic woodworking skill needed for making a violin, even musicians can do it!



Learn how to sharpen your tools like a professional violin maker.



Learn the safest and easiest way to make your own varnish, and how to apply them.



Discover the theory underlying the design and learn what makes a violin, a violin.


Violin Making

Of course, every single steps of the making even if you don't understand the structure, yet.


Set Ups

Learn to set up your violin, and understanding tones.

The course is still on going, videos are uploaded every week.

We almost finish making the Back now, price will go up once the course is completed.

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