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Viva la Varnish

Learn how to make violin varnish at Home without burning down anything.
And learn the truth about violin varnish that every obsolescence say it is a secret.

(Videos will be uploaded starting from Winter 2023)


The Steps

Step by step guide to varnishing a violin, so you know what is necessary and what's not.


Preparing Varnish

The safest and easiest way to make varnish at Home.


The Right Color

Rose are Red, Violins ain't Blue,
Find out the One True Color on Violins that the old men used.

Violin Varnish

No plans available

Once there are plans available for purchase, you'll see them here.


8. Violin Varnish

8.1 Concept of Violin Varnish

8.2 Making the Shellac Varnish

8.2 Making the Darnton Oil Varnish

8.4 Varnish Station & UV Box Set Up

8.5. Step by Step Guide to Varnishing

8.6. The Truth About Violin Varnishing

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