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Making the Ribs


Learn how to make the Violin RIBS, along with the basics of tool usage,

and most importantly, to communicate with the flow in woods.

(Videos will be uploaded starting from September 2023, maybe sooner)


Tools Technique

Learn to use the basic tools with no woodworking experience.

Plus a list of all the tools you need for making a violin.


Preparation Works

Learn to set up your work place in a very limited space, and take a deep dive into the materials, the templates and Form you will need for making the violin.



The very root of a violin,
learn about the flow in the wood, and how to communicate with it.

Making the Violin Ribs

No plans available

Once there are plans available for purchase, you'll see them here.


1. Everything Else

1.1 Work Place Set Up

1.2 All the Tools You Need

1.3 Wood Choices

1.4 Templates and Form

2. Sharpening the Tools like a Violin Maker

2.1 All the Tools You Need for Sharpening

2.2 Sharpening the Chisel (and the Concept & Theory)

2.3 Preparing the Planes

2.4 Preparing Scrapers

2.5 Sharpening Gouges

3. The Ribs

3.1. BIG SPRUCE Material Allocation

3.2. Sawing the BIG SPRUCE (How to use Handsaw)

3.3. Corner Blocks

3.4. Upper and Lower Blocks

3.5. Hide Glue (what is it and how to use it)

3.6. Planing the Ribs

3.7. C Bouts on the Blocks

3.8. Bending the Ribs

3.9. Gluing & Shaping the C Bouts

3.10. Gluing & Shaping the Upper & the Lower Bouts

3.11. The Lining Channels

3.12. Linings

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